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Longleaf Landworks is a family-owned and operated environmentally conscious Louisiana based forestry mulching & land clearing service.  We utilize state of the art forestry mulching equipment. Our machines quickly and efficiently turn unwanted trees and underbrush into mulch, which remains in place while breaking down and eventually turning into nutrient rich topsoil.  Areas we serve: South East Louisiana & Southern Mississippi.

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We are here to help you, as the landowner, achieve what you envision for your property.  From planning, to executing the plan, to clean up, we will respect your property and time.  Contact us today and let’s get started!

Why Forestry Mulching?

Save time and money

Forestry Mulching is a one step process, unlike conventional land clearing practices which require heavy equipment and site burns.

Increase property value

Removing unsightly underbrush creates better visibility and maximises the usable space around your property resulting in an increase of property value.

Improve property safety

Clearing property and limbing up trees allows for better visibility while taking down any dead trees and limbs that may fall resulting in injury.

Bring in more sunlight

Clearing the overgrown underbrush and trees allows light to reach the ground again allowing for a better lawn or pasture.

Protect your legacy trees

Forestry Mulching is extremely selective. Clear unwanted underbrush which robs nutrients from your old growth. Create a parklike feel on your property.

Fire prevention

Clear fire break's around your property while turning old fuels into nutrient rich topsoil.

Natural erosion control

Forestry mulching does not effect the root systems of the trees taken out or the legacy trees left standing. The mulch remains in place which builds up the nutrient filled topsoil on the landowners property. The combination of the remaining root systems and topsoil buildup create natural erosion control.

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About Us

Longleaf Landworks works with Homeowners, Private Landowners, Developers, and Building Contractors achieving all the land clearing / vegetation management needs they may have.

We operate two CAT 299D3 XE Land Management compact track loaders accompanied with Denis Cimaf mulching heads. Two machines allows us to efficiently tackle smaller residential jobs as well as larger commercial contracts.

Contact us today and let us help you bring your property to it’s full potential through eco friendly forestry mulching practices.

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Our Equipment

We use the CAT 299d3xe Land Management series Compact track loaders. These machines are low impact and can reach areas which would be impossible for larger heavy equipment. The 299d3xe has a high flow rate of 41 Gallons per minute allowing it to operate the larger mulching heads.

We run the Denis/Cimaf 180D mulching head which utilizes knife technology, allowing us to achieve a much smaller mulch than the carbide hammer style teeth. The Denis/Cimaf head is considered the gold standard in forestry mulching.

Our state of the art forestry mulching equipment will finish your project safely and in a timely manner saving you time and money.



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